Dr. Dan Bowerman, DC, DABCO, AHFI, CPC, DABCC

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Dr Bowerman maintains a clinical practice (since 1978) with a focus on short term goal directed, patient centric care with a focus on empowering patients for independent self management. Primary sub-speciality is in sports and performing arts medicine. Secondary interests in the bio-psycho-social aspects of chronic pain

In addition, he maintains an active consulting practice (since 1994) with deep expertise in virtually all aspects of utilization management, peer review, standards of care, medical policy, benefit design as well as fraud waste and abuse.

He currently serves as a litigation consultant /expert witness on complex medico legal issues for private and public sectors in both civil and criminal proceedings.

Dr Bowerman is active in anti fraud activities nationally both as an educator and consultant to private payors and law enforcement. In addition has been very active with NHCAA where he has served on several committees and has been regular faculty for both NETS and the ATC since 2006.